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May 2024 Testing Schedule, Plan, Protocols, & Promotions


Testing season is upon us. The success or failure of the plan will be determined by our ability to work together, problem solve, seek solutions, and work collaboratively knowing we are all in it together. Testing is about the students and what they are required to do – not our personal feelings about testing, the efficacy of testing, or the testing plan. Our function is to encourage, support and inspire students to do their best in all tests. Articulated below is the framework of our testing plan for FAST, EOC testing with schedule. 


  • Monday 5/6 – ELA 9th
  • Tuesday 5/7 – ELA 10th
  • Wednesday 5/8 – US History
  • Thursday 5/9 – Algebra/Geometry
  • Friday 5/10 – Biology

PLAN: All testing will occur in building one. This will allow for clear and lucid communication directions to all students – students will know what test and where to test. Proctors and test administrators will be assigned to various classrooms in building one on a particular testing day.

  • The personnel assigned to test in building one will stay in building one.
  •  Teachers displaced in building one by testing will go to proctor/administrator room and teach from that room on that day.
  • Students will be directed there or the café/media center if there is an overflow. 
  • Students will have all day to test if needed and will be instructed as such.
  • Make up testing will be conducted in content areas. One teacher in content will be designated to hold make up testing in their room. Same protocols for testing – phones away – back packs in corner – unlimited time will be followed to increase performance.



  • All students who are scheduled to take a test and complete the test with FIDELITY – will earn a chipwich voucher. Vouchers will be turned in at lunch in cafeteria. NO chipwiches can be retrieved from Culinary.
  • All students that test during their allotted time during testing week – will earn an opportunity to win:
    • Beat ear buds
    • iPhone chargers
    • Hollins Gear/Tee shirts
  • All students who test during their allotted time during testing week will earn entrance into end of testing celebration with Tasco on Wednesday 5/22 during last block in Alumni Park and Softball field


  • All teachers with perfect attendance qualify for a gift card drawing
  • All teachers in EOC content areas that meet or exceed our SIP goal in EOC courses will qualify for a catered, delivered breakfast
  • All teachers with perfect attendance qualify for Hollins gear – staff/logo polo shirts – Tervis cups, lanyards and key chains