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Exam Exemptions, Early Exams, Exam Schedule

Exemptions:  Students may only exempt their exams if they have an A or B in the class for both 9 weeks. Scholars will pick up an exemption form from the front office, ask the teachers to fill it out, have parents sign and return to the front office before January 5th.  Attendance is not a requirement for exam exemptions this semester.
Students must have either an A or B for each of the 9 weeks to exempt.  The provisional grade for the 2nd 9 weeks is based on Tuesday, December 15th.

If a student’s grade is a B at this time, and then drops to a C after, they can no longer exempt the exam.

MyPCS Scholars:

Download the Exemption form, fill it out, and then email your teachers of the classes that you are wanting to exempt. Teachers will respond that you are/are not able to exempt your class and provide the provisional grade.

Students will print out the emails sent back from teachers, attach them to their exemption forms, and drop them off at the front office before January 5th.
All scholars can exempt up to 3 for the first semester. (Excluding State EOC courses, AP, or Dual Enrollment)

Exam Schedule

Early Exam Form

Exam Exemption Form