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Bricks are Back!


Order FormRed Brick

Purchase a brick for our Packer Walk. Make a lasting

memory for years to come.  These bricks will be used to line the pathway from the

front of the school to the stadium. Each brick is laser inscribed.

- Great graduation gift!

- Alumni groups or to celebrate a graduation from our golden past

-Packer families - celebrate the generations who walked our halls

-Gift a memory to a cherished teacher

4 x 8 ($50)  or   8 x 8  ($100)

Missing an ordered brick?  Please use this form to communicate with our bookkeeper who is working on these old orders.  Missing Brick Form

Questions?  Call Eileen Kelly-Pettit (727) 588-3758 x2006

or email:


Eileen Kelly-Pettit
727-588-3758 x2006