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AP Packet

AP Packet <-- Click to download packet

AP Packet Assignment for May 2018 Testing
Required for ALL students enrolled in ANY AP classes.
DUE: Monday, August 21
1. ALL AP students are required to access, print & complete an AP Packet in order to sit for May testing. Testing is required for ALL AP Students, missing an AP exam will result in a Final Exam grade of “F.”
2. You can access the AP Packet PDF online on the OFHS school homepage or the OFHS Guidance homepage. Filling out 1 packet is all that is needed regardless of how many AP classes you are enrolled in.
3. If you are having difficulty with locating the packet or printing please have you AP Teacher assist you.
4. You will turn in your completed AP Packet during lunch, to the counselors who will be in the cafeteria at the guidance table.


Counselors will be collecting these from students in the cafeteria during lunch @ the guidance table on Aug 21.