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OFHS Shadowing Information 10/12-12/9

OFHS SHADOWING: October 12 – December 9 (on 16 selected dates)

Insterested in learning more about the opportunites for your student at Osceola?

We are hosting 8th grade students who are interested in OFHS to experience a day in the life of a high schooler.  Please sign up for an opportunity to shadow a current 9th grade student.  Use the Sign-Up Genius image link below to reserve your spot.

Sign Up!

Available Dates:

Oct. 12 No reservations remaining             Nov. 9

Oct. 14 No reservations remaining             Nov. 11

Oct. 19                                                      Nov. 15

Oct. 21                                                      Nov. 18

Oct. 26                                                      Nov. 30

Oct. 28                                                      Dec. 2

Nov. 2                                                       Dec. 7

Nov. 4                                                       Dec. 9


On the day of your reservation please be sure to:

  • arrive to OFHS front office NO later than 7:30am
  • bring with you your completed Shadow Parent Letter