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Summer Contact Information

Summer Information


If your child is in Summer Bridge and you have questions regarding their class, please e-mail your child’s teacher which can be found on the School’s website. 

Virtual Summer Bridge hours are 8:30 to 11:30 Monday – Thursday.


If you have any questions regarding bright futures, please contact Brooke Pair at the Pinellas county school board  -  588-6000


All teachers, (other than summer bridge teachers) , guidance and clerks are unavailable during the summer months.


Summer staff contact information is listed below:


Tena Claerhout, Sr. Data Technician (summer bridge questions, grades)

Cathy Nolan, Fundamental Clerk -

Michelle Smith, Bookkeeper –

Marie Jantschek, Principal’s Secretary

Michael Bohnet, Principal –

Dan Schmittdiel, Assistant Principal  (curriculum & summer bridge) –

Todd Belair – Head Plant Operator –

Michelle Copello – Athletic Coordinator  (Athletic questions) –


There has been no decision from the District as of yet regarding distribution of senior diplomas and/or graduation ceremonies.