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IB Study Buddies


Seniors will be the tutors/mentors and we would like as many of them to get involved as possible! They can get CAS service hours for this, too. We will need a wide variety of students, with varying subjects that they are strong in and strongly enjoy (i.e. I will assist with English or Spanish, whereas other students may help in Chemistry or Math).



Underclassmen are welcome to come as a means of getting homework done, or with the goal of being tutored in a certain subject. Whether they are in school or online, many students are feeling isolated and unmotivated. These groups will be a time during the week where there will be a place to devote a block of time to completing homework. We will also be looking into setting up an office hours-style of tutoring for each subject/class, where one or two upperclassmen will be available to assist with questions. 



Juniors may be tutors if they feel confident, or come in search of academic help. If these students tutor/mentor with seniors, they may also receive CAS service hours.


We will have specific dates and times after we are aware of the amount of students that are interested. Please let me know if you have any questions, or if any students have questions they can email me at