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9th and 10th grade FSA Writing

9th and 10th grade FSA Writing testing will take place starting Monday April 5th.  Each student's English teacher should be communicating with their students the day the student is testing and the location.  This is a 1 day test that lasts 120 minutes and MYPCS students may leave directly after testing.  The test must be taken on campus as it is a State test.  MyPCS students who do not have transportation to leave immediately after testing will be able to stay in the café for the remainder of the school day after testing.  FSA Reading will take place in April and dates and room locations will be given out closer to testing.  If a student does not have a PHUHS English teacher they may reach out to Ms. Dupee to obtain their testing information.  Testing will begin promptly at 7:30 each day.  MYPCS students need to check into the front office and will be directed to their testing rooms.