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Homecoming 2021 (Ticket Informartion)


October 18th – 22nd

Spirt Days


  Monday: Character Day

 Tuesday: Throughout the Ages

-         9th Grade: Toddlers

-         10th: Elementary/Middle School

-         11th: Parents

-         12th: Senior Citizens

Wednesday: Olympics Day ( Team USA)

Thursday: Decades Day

-         9th Grade: 50’s

-         10th: 60’s

-         11th: 70’s

-         12th: 80’s

Friday: PHUHS Spirit Day

-         9th Grade: White Shirts

-         10th: Grey Shirts

-         11th: Maroon Shirts

-         12th: Navy Shirts

HOCO Court Voting



Round 1 Voting: Open 10/13 @7am to 10/15 @12pm
Round 2 Voting: 10/19 @7am to 10/21 @11pm


Go to

Username: R2.D2

Password: Birthday

                    (Format the birthdays to m/d/yyyy (example 2/5/1997)

                   *Please note that there are no zero for the single digit days and please use slash marks*

SPIRIT Activities

·         Each day during lunch there will be Spirit Games for the Students to participate in.

Homecoming Game

Friday, October 22nd

7pm – 10 pm

vs. Pinellas Park

-Finalist Presentation and Winners Announced at Halftime.

  • Tickets are $6.00 
  • Mobile Ticket Only for Entrance to the Game
  • Buy Tickets!
  • This game has been selected for the Friday Night Campus Tour. 100’s of Tampa Bay Bucs giveaways and much more!

Homecoming Dance

Friday, Dec. 10th

Innisbrook Inverness Ball Room



*Behavior Contacts & Guest Application will be available at the end of the month.

* Tickets will be on sale from Nov.8th- Nov.29th on GOFAN.CO



Please direct all questions to Kate Tancrell @