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Summer Reading Assignments

PHUHS 2023 Summer Reading Assignments

(Check back for updates. Last updated May 26, 2023)

  • ALL  students enrolled at PHUHS for fall 2023 will have a summer assignment for their respective program and course level. 

  • IB, CWMP, University

    • Eng. I, I H, II, II H, III, III H, IV, IV H, AP Language, AP Literature, Comp I, and AP Capstone Research

  • The ELA department UPDATES this every year with different titles and writing assignments. Any summer assignments floating around online from the past carry incorrect information. Be sure to wait for the 2023 Summer Assignment List to be posted. 



International Baccalaureate:


Dual Enrollment:

Other AP Assignments:

How to find out what level of English you are enrolled in for next year:

Students are able to view their course requests for next year on the student’s FOCUS account. At the top right-hand corner, switch the school year to 2023-2024. Once in that school year, select the student information tab on the top left-hand side and then select course requests. This will show the courses for next year (including English class with an appropriate level of regular, honors, AP).

If you have any questions, please contact the LA department head, Andrea Weaver at