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PHUHS Robotics - All 5 Teams Advance to States!

Robotics Teams


From the League Championship, 7 teams move on to the State level and, there are 30 teams in our league. Our League has teams from North Pinellas all the way till Port Charlotte. PHU currently has 5 teams, 2 of which are completely new after our influx of new members since 3101 Boom Bots won the world Championship Last year. PHU has never had more than two teams at a time to arrive at States. All 5 PHU Teams made it to the State Championship this year, along with 2 teams from Charlotte High School.

Team 3101 Boom Bots got first place in the competition this weekend and Team 3839 Mechanical Geniuses got 2nd place. During the final matches, The top 4 ranking times get to choose a partner of the other remaining teams to compete with them in the finals matches, where first and second place get to go to the State Championship, along with the teams they picked. Team 3101 Boom Bots chose PHU team 516 Gears of Fire, and Team 3839 Mechanical Geniuses chose PHU team 3830 Violet Fusion. Team 506 Pandara moved on to the finals round, but received 4th place. However, the teams chosen to go to states are the 1st place and 2nd place pairs of teams, as well as the winners of the Inspire Awards, Teams who have demonstrated skill and talent, even though they haven’t been as successful during matches. Team 506 Pandara was dedicated enough to win the first Inspire Award, and therefore, was able to move on to States with the rest of the club.

Team 506 Pandara has Aarushi Jain, Alex Osterude, Alexander Kranias, Alexander Penalosa, Alexis Werneken, Anish Tejomurtula, Janet Liu, Joshua Brandt, Kellan Kissinger, Matthew Werneken, Matthew McMenamin, Rachel Brown, Randy Toyberman’s, Thomas Brown, and Tiffany Wang.

Team 516 Gears of Fire has Adela Wiercioch, Cyrus Almestica, Bianca Gittinger, Johan Alex, Dawson Whitman, Ken Quach, Kenna Bonde, Marcin Plaza, Marta Szymanska, Michael Miarecki, Miles Gordon, Raymond Zhang, Szymon Sierzega, and Thomas Speer.

Team 3101 Boom Bots has Aabhas Jain, Aaron Jacobs, Asif Islam, Dominik Kapuscinski, Elena Torres, Kayleigh Beron, Mateusz Plaza, Ryan Stewart, and Sophia Brown.

Team 3830 Violet Fusion has Aanya Bhandari, Andrew Morgado, Angelina Akhnoukh, Anjun Hu, Anthony Nguyen, Blanca Rodriguez, Cole Cuthbertson, Connor Truby, Dominic Sinibaldi, Emma Berry, Evan Manovill, Madison Cash, Melinda Liu, Patrick Shand, and Truman Davis

Team 3839 Mechanical Geniuses has Ayush Pai, Bryan Patricio, Jack Highman, Jeffrey Wulf, Jonathan Nemoy, Krish Asknani, Mia Amanatides, Michael Menapace, Olivia Gonzalez, Rayann Khan, Ruth Praserthdam, Sarah Lilly, and Wesley Freeland.