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First Annual Neal Calip Scholarships Awarded.

PPHS is proud to announce the first winners of the Neal Calip Scholarship. Nate Pouliot, Breyanna Chambliss and An’dreana Graham will each receive a $2000 award paid to the college they enroll in. Mrs. Alicia Calip was at the track meet Wednesday night to present the certificates.

Neal Calip was a teacher and coach at Pinellas Park High from 2006-2019. During his time here he coached football, girls basketball, boys basketball and track and field. Originally from Hobart, Oklahoma Calip participated in a variety of sports. He attended East Central University, where he was honored in the College Hall of Fame for Football. He had a short career in the NFL before returning home to become a teacher and coach. He was that Coach who loved his athletes and gave his all for them to be successful. He has provided transportation, meals, and at times safety and shelter. He was a confidant and mentor to hundreds of students. In more recent years he became an amputee losing his right leg at mid-thigh. When asked how he stayed so positive he responded by saying, “My leg doesn’t define who I am as a person, my attitude and character do.” He strived to regain his independence by walking with a prosthetic with- in months and going back to work as an elementary PE teacher. Neal passed away June 28, 2019.

Track and field coaches Stacey Simmons and Kris Wilson wanted to honor Coach Calip with a track meet- The Neal Calip Sprinters Classic meet - and a scholarship award to at least 2 seniors. In honoring Calip criteria included multi-sport athlete, gpa over 3.0, involved in the community and showed good leadership and character. This year, hrough t-shirt sales and some very generous donations we were able to award 3 seniors with this $2000 award.