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Patriots Succeed at Drama Competition

From Mr. Meinecke:

Theatre students spent two days at St. Petersburg College (Clearwater Campus) (one-act plays) and all day Saturday until 10:00 p.m. at Gibbs (PCCA) High School (individual events) for the annual District 4 competition.  Only one student, President Jarius Hamid, had previous experience competing at the county level—all other students were new to the process.

I am very proud of their accomplishments as newcomers—District 4 is a very competitive collection of public and private schools, so the competition is quite stiff as compared to some other Florida counties.  Our ratings are very similar to the Marzano scale:  Superior, Excellent, Good, Fair, and Poor are used instead of 4, 3, 2, 1, 0.

  • One Act Play:  Boy Meets Girl – Superior and given alternate status for State Competition (kind of like first-runner up  J  ).
    Starred:  Jarius Hamid and Sasha Khamphoumy as Sam and Katie;
    Walk-on role:  Sarah Golden as Lisa;
    Voice actors:  Mya Connock and Ian Badowski
    Stage Manager:  Corey Surber; 
    Asst. Stage Manager/Asst. Sound:  Grace Penney; 
    Sound Director:  Lillianna Rodriguez;
    Lighting Director:  Elizabeth Looman;
    Asst. Lighting:  Markus Hery; 
    Crew:  Mya Connock and Ian Badowski
  • Contrasting Monologues:
    Jarius Hamid:  Romeo and Juliet/The Good Doctor                            Excellent
    Dallas Shaw:   Eleemosynary/Almost Maine                                         Excellent
  • Duet Acting:
    Sarah Golden and Julie Train:  Driver’s Test                                           Excellent
    Ian Badowski and Corey Surber:  Down Came the Rain                   Excellent
  • Solo Musical:
    Dakota Fisher: “There are Worse Things I Could Do” – Grease  --- Good
    Haleigh Gannon: “There’s a Fine, Fine Line”—Avenue Q  ----           Excellent
    Dallas Shaw:  “Waiting for Life to Begin”—Once on This Island        Good
  • Ensemble Acting:
    Jarius Hamid, Sasha Khamphoumy, Mya Connock:  Double Date     Excellent