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TEAMS - Home Devices

Installing Microsoft Teams on a Home Computer

There are multiple ways to access the TEAMS program so your child can work remotely on their Digital Lessons.

  • Access TEAMS via the PCSB Clever program. *For High School students, it is best to install the full version of TEAMS to their computer or other digital device. Having the full package allows the student to take advantage of all the tools, whereas logging in via Clever/FOCUS does not.
    • This link will allow you to Access Clever
    • Click on Log In with Active Directory
    • User name and password is your child’s r2.d2 user id and password
    • Once in Clever, locate the TEAMS icon and click to enter


Now, that the program is installed, what’s next?

Please review the Teams - Student Instructions for a basic understanding of the program.

To have a better understanding of Office 365 and the TEAMS program, please review the Parent Guide to Microsoft TEAMS

If technical help is needed during this time, -please call the PCSB Help Desk at 727-588-6060