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2022-2023 Class Schedules

Starting in February 2022, students within each grade level met with the school counseling team to discuss course options for the 2022-2023 school year. Students received a presentation during their class periods and completed online course request forms. Students were given the opportunity to change their classes during the second class presentation, complete a change form through March 10th, and talk with their counselor through the end of the school year to make even more changes. Class schedules were generated as a result of this process.

The school counseling team and administrators makes every effort to honor your student's request. However, there are times when 100% of the requests made are unable to fit in the class schedule. Counselors will work with new students, and those who did not get their requested classes to find a potential replacement course. Due to limited seat capacity, class period availability, etc., all requests will be reviewed but we cannot guarantee all changes can be honored.

Examples of schedule change requests that will not be honored include the following:

• Changing teachers.

• Changing periods.

• Requesting classes with friends.

• Switching due to activity participation.

• Students changing their mind about a requested class.

• Dropping AP classes

(These requests are handled by the Assistant Principal of Curriculum, Mrs. Lisa Sinatra)

Requests must be submitted via the online form link below. 

Students must use their R2.D2 student login to access the form. If your student does not have an active login please contact the school at 727-547-7536 for assistance.

Schedule Correction Form