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Message From Herff Jones

Message from Herff Jones


Hello All,


I know that this has been a challenging year for all of you. I want 

to first say "Thank you" for your commitment to educating our students

here in the Tampa Bay Area. I am not sure that the general public truly

understands just how hard this pandemic situation has been on teachers, staff,

and administrators. Being around the schools, we obviously get a "birds eye view"

of the challenges you all face on a daily bases. Please know that even though

we have not had our usual presence on campuses, we are here for you! 


I am hoping that you could possibly help us out in regards to class rings. I would

be untruthful if I told you that the situation has not impacted us greatly. We are 

humbly asking for your help in getting the order site out to the sophomore, junior, and

senior classes. We are trying a big push late in the year, to hopefully regain some

of the loss due to the pandemic situation. We will be reaching out from our end

as well, but it really hits home if backed up by the school. I believe that some of

our contacts think we are random solicitors that have nothing to do with the school.

Any help at all would be appreciated more than you know!  Our site is: I certainly respect your decision to help either way.



Thank you all so much!






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St. Petersburg FL 33703

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