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Information on Student Government 2019-2020

Information on Student Government 2019/2020 School Year



Important Dates:

Freshmen Orientation (DATE TBA) - Freshmen Election paperwork will be made available. Mr. Pickett and Student Government officials will be present to answer questions or concerns.

8/14 - Paperwork available in main office, IB Office and SGA classroom for freshman elections and Homecoming Court.

8/24 - Paperwork due to SGA sponsor Mr. Pickett by 2:30pm for grade/discipline checks

8/25 - Students confirm name spelling and correct office declared

8/28 - Ballots sent to Dept. of Elections and become FINAL

9/6 - ELECTION DAY in Little Theatre.  9th graders ONLY for SGA elections; 10th-12th graders vote for Homecoming Court.  Results posted by 3 p.m. that day.

9/10, 9/11 – Only Seniors vote for Homecoming King and Queen in English classes

10/4 - Homecoming game with announcement of King and Queen along with Court presentation at halftime

10/5 – Homecoming at Devil’s Den


Download Freshman application in doc format


Current List of Student Government

Executive (Student Body) Office

President: Connor Evans

Veep: Maddie Perez

Treasurer: Philip Galanos

Secretary: Matthew Cortez


  1. Madison Ferguson
  2. Lilly Spayde
  3. Hannah Kazerounian
  4. Claudia Johnson
  5. Emily Bothwell


Upcoming Senior Class

President: Tyler Barnett

Veep: Kate Nelson

Treasurer: Mitchell Denson

Secretary: Abigail Hoyt


  1. Jade Wyatt
  2. Georgia Rosen
  3. Emma Conover
  4. Mia McSheffery
  5. Shayla Ewonaitis


Upcoming Junior Class

President: Pooja Pramod Manjakandy

Veep: Hannah Arthur

Treasurer: Victor Xie

Secretary: Katie Sebring


  1. Luka Savic
  2. Leah-Nati Veira
  3. Makenna Myrick
  4. Logan Wilson


Upcoming Sophomore Class

President: Kelly Codding

Veep: Ava Thompson

Treasurer: Sara Abusulb

Secretary: Tiffany Nguyen


  1. Vasilisa Ingram
  2. Sarah Harrington
  3. William Travis Brackin
  4. Aidan Smith