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MyPCS Online Updates From Principal

MyPCS Updates


Good afternoon St. Pete HS MyPCS Online students and families!  Here is some important information for the start of school:

1) Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our new learning platform CANVAS and the many resources available to MyPCS Online students and families by clicking on the link  and clicking on the various items posted there.


2)  Please take the time to complete the beginning of the year forms.  These are available online through the student reservation system.  Please take the time to log on to, using your parent Username and password.  Once you have logged in select the second option that says:

                - My child currently attends or is assigned to a Pinellas County public school

                Then select:  PCS Forms

It will show a drop down menu, please click on the “Click Here to Continue” button and continue by filling out the information and follow the directions online until you have saved all of the documents.

Then click on Logout in the top right hand corner of the page.



3)  Schedules are still being finalized as we work to balance courses.  Please make sure your child checks FOCUS on Monday morning for their finalized class schedule. 

In an effort to streamline the schedule change request process, any requests will be submitted electronically using the following link.  Please keep in mind that the only reasons a schedule change will be granted include:

  • missing a class period or have duplicate periods
  • missing a graduation requirement
  • missing a course required for college admissions or scholarship
  • scheduled into a course for which you have already earned credit

This link can only be accessed once and from your student Office365 account.  It will be available for submission on August 24th.


4)  Textbooks- we are working on a schedule for textbook distribution for MyPCS Online students.  No students should need a textbook for the first week of classes.  More information will be coming soon with regard to when students can come to pick those up.


5)  Electronic Devices-  If your child is in need of a device please contact Mr. Yates ( immediately so that he can work on finding you a device.  Please note that we have a very small supply of devices available but, will distribute until we are out.  Once we are out we will register you for a district device pick up.


6)  Lunch service- Lunches are available for MyPCS Online students.  If you are in need of school lunches for your St. Pete HS MyPCS Online student, we will have (5) pre-packaged school lunches available for pickup every Friday from 10:00-10:30AM on 25th Street by the bus gate entrance.  If you are planning to pick up these lunches, you must email our cafeteria manager Mrs. Rodriguez at no later than Wednesday afternoon each week so that she can plan for your arrival.


7)  Reminder for all of our new students, if you do not have an R2.D2 log in already or if you have forgotten your log in information you will need this before the first day of school. Please reach out to Mrs. Melton at so that she can help you with this.


8) Additional resources such as School Insurance Enrollment Information, Free and Reduced School Lunch Application Information and the School Meal Account Payment information can be found on our St. Pete HS website at