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Week of August 26

Good afternoon TSHS Learning Community,

What a wonderful week at TSHS!! Students and staff are settled in to a solid routine and we expect nothing more than a spectacular year ahead for the campus!!

Here are the announcements and reminders for all students and their families.



- Schedule changes during the 1st 10 days of school have been finalized and all classes are set for the semester. Additional information will be shared soon regarding semester 2 Dual Enrollment course registration for interested students.

- Open House 2019 will be held on Weds. Sept. 18 @ 6:00 p.m.

- Grades in Focus

- Teachers will be uploading grades into Focus on a weekly basis. Students are encouraged to monitor their grades during each quarter and semester.

- Inquiries regarding grades and assignments should first be addressed with the teachers by email.

· Credit checks and transcript reviews will be taking place with the Guidance Team for all students presently in grades 10, 11 and 12. All 9th grade students will participate in credit checks in January.

- Make-up Work for Absences (excused, pending, or suspension)

- Pursuant to PCS Policy – make up for full credit and without grade penalty is allowed for all absences. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the missed work. The number of days allowed to make up the work shall be the same number of days the student was absent. However, in all cases the work should be turned in before the end of the grading period or whichever is the shortest period of time in compliance with the number of days absent.

School Operations

· Student Dress Code

· All students are expected to follow the PCS Code of Student Conduct Dress Code. Midriff tops, strapless tops and yoga style pants are not permitted to be worn on campus without proper coverings or outerwear. Your support is appreciated with this important policy. Students out of compliance with dress code will receive a referral to their administrator and consequences may be applicable. Consequences may result in a suspension of extra-curricular participation, including Homecoming or Prom.

Student Absences

- Student absences should be reported to attendance clerk, Mrs. Farag upon the student’s return to campus.

Safety & Security

· Students are encouraged to report all safety concerns to an adult on campus. In addition, the Say Something APP is available for anonymous and remote reporting as well. We encourage our students – “if you see something, say something”. We are all committed together to keeping our campus, students and staff safe from both physical and emotional violence and abuse. Social media is included.

· Campus gates are secured during the day for lunch at 11:43 a.m.

· Uber Eats, Door Dash and 3rd party deliveries are not authorized to drop off food for students during lunch. *Only parents or family members may do so.


- Senior Pictures o Cady Studios –

- Book a session at the studio

- Aug. 31 session at Tarpon Springs HS *must book online for this date

- School Pictures for grades 9, 10 and 11

- Sept. 24th @ 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

- Students will attend the picture session with their classes at an assigned time.

- Students may order pictures using the link below: § Go to this link: and follow the detailed steps or simply type in and click on 'order photos' --> '6-11 grade' --> 'order now' --> follow the detailed steps from there.

- There will be flyers arriving soon from Cady Studios with this information to be distributed about on campus.


· Homecoming Week 2019 “Fire & Ice” Sept. 9 – 13 *all students are encouraged to participate in dress up days.


- Monday Class Color Day

  Freshman are Yellow, Sophomores are Green, Juniors are Dark Blue and Seniors are Maroon, Staff - White

- Tuesday Generations Day

  Freshman are infants, Sophomores are toddlers, Juniors are Adults and Seniors are the OLD, OLD Folks, Staff are the Students

- Wednesday Tourist Day

- Thursday Decade Day

  Freshman 50's, Sophomores 60's, Juniors are 70's and Seniors are 80's, Staff are 40's

- Friday School Spirit Day


· Homecoming Dance “Fire & Ice” Sept. 14

  Important Homecoming Forms

  Homecoming Agreement

  Student Financial Obligation Clearance Form

  See flyer for dance and homecoming week festivities

  Homecoming Fire and Ice Flyer 


· School Spirit Fridays

  Every Friday, TSHS will celebrate school spirit. Students and staff are invited to wear their favorite Tarpon HS shirt or sport maroon and white to show their pride for our school.



Important Dates* Event details will be forthcoming

· Open House – Wednesday, September 18 @ 6:00 p.m.

· Quarter 1 Midterms Sept. 20 - 27

· PSAT/NMSQT Oct. 16

· Senior Photos on Campus: Aug. 31

· Homecoming Week Sept. 9 – 13

· Homecoming Parade Sept. 13

· Homecoming Game Sept. 13

· Homecoming Dance Sept 14

· Freshmen Parent Night: Sept. 16

· Bars & Letters Honors Breakfast Sept. 20

· Junior Parent Night: Oct. 7

· College and Career Fair Oct 10