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Weekly Update (September 12)

Good evening TSHS Learning Community,

Hope everyone is having a nice week. Homecoming 2019 festivities are enjoyed by all on campus and we are looking forward to an eventful parade, game and announcing the TSHS Homecoming Queens at halftime.

Until then, we have several additional reminders for all students and families.

Mid-quarter grade reports will be distributed to all TSHS students tomorrow during 7th period class. The reports will include quarter 1 grade book grades, absences and tardies year to date as of 09/12/19. This is a new support that we are extending to all students, so they may closely monitor their progress in all their classes. In addition, after school tutoring program will be starting next week and the schedule is attached for reference (Tutoring Schedule). With 4 weeks left for quarter 1, all students have many opportunities to strengthen their grades in time for report cards. TSHS is committed to 100% student success!!

Mid quarter grades are also posted in Focus gradebook for each student’s assigned course(s).