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Principal's Weekly Newsletters

Hello TSHS Learning Community,

I hope this email finds you well and enjoying a fabulous summer break. As we gear up for the upcoming school year on August 12th, I wanted to share updates regarding several key school policies – cell phones and student dress code.

Starting this academic year, we will be implementing a newly adopted school and district policy that restricts the use of cell phones during school hours.  Our intended outcome is to create a focused and productive learning environment that minimizes distractions and increases student engagement in classrooms across campus.

 Aspects of the new policy include:

High school students are permitted to use their cell phones ONLY:

  • before school
  • during passing times in between classes
  • at lunch
  • after school

TSHS Teachers and staff members will enforce the policy consistently across all grade levels. Consequences for violating the policy will be clearly communicated, posted in visible areas common areas on campus and reviewed with students during the first week of school, at the grade level assemblies and ongoing throughout the year as part of processes here at TSHS.  We believe that this policy will contribute positively to our students' academic performance and overall well-being by fostering a more focused learning environment. Thank you for your support and cooperation in reinforcing these guidelines with your student at home.

I would also like remind you of Tarpon High School's student dress code policy. Ensuring a positive and respectful learning environment is a priority for us, and adherence to our dress code plays a crucial role in achieving this goal. This year, we will be placing increased emphasis on enforcing the dress code policy consistently. Students found in violation of the policy will be asked to call home and obtain an additional set of clothing to wear to school, change into appropriate attire or may face other consequences as outlined in the Pinellas County Schools – Code of Student Conduct.

Our dress code is designed to promote a safe and focused atmosphere conducive to learning. Students are expected to dress modestly and appropriately for a school setting. Clothing should not be excessively revealing, provocative, or distracting to the classroom or campus in any way.  Here are several resources to assist with learning and reviewing the student dress code: Dress Code.docx and DressCodeGuidelines.jpg 

 Aspects of the TSHS dress code prohibits students from wearing the following:

  • Bare midriffs, tank tops with spaghetti straps, and strapless tops
  • See through or mesh clothing without proper undergarments.
  • Spandex pants or athletic leggings without a proper shirt/blouse/top *at hips or longer
  • Shorts, skirts, and dresses that are excessively short (must be at mid-thigh length or longer)
  • Hats, bandanas, and head/face coverings (unless for religious or medical reasons with prior administrative approval)
  • Pajamas, slippers, and clothing that resembles sleepwear or loungewear.
  • Costumes

With one month remaining until the start of school and preparations for school are underway, we encourage all families to review and plan accordingly with our dress code policy in mind. We understand that navigating dress code requirements can sometimes be challenging, and we appreciate your cooperation in helping maintain a positive school environment.

Should you have any questions regarding the dress code policy or need clarification on specific items, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at the office – 727.943.4900 or

Thank you for your attention to this matter. We look forward to welcoming everyone back for another successful school year at Tarpon High School.

Have a wonderful afternoon and as always, GO SPONGERS!

Mrs. Fatolitis