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Title 1

Annual Title 1 Meeting Information

    Our Annual Title 1 Parents' Meeting was held Tuesday,
September 2, 2021. During this meeting we discussed the
following: the Compact, the Parent and Family Engagement Plan,
the LEA Parent and Family Engagement Plan, our Title 1 budget,
academic expectations, assessments, and Parent's Right to
Know. Parents were asked to participate in the Parent Advisory
Council and our School Advisory Council. If you were unable
to attend the meeting you may view the meeting recording
and Power Point by clicking on the link below.
The Parent/Teacher/Student Compact is an agreement
which identifies the individual responsibilities of parents,
teachers, and students.  Each middle and high school
student has been given a Compact to review with his or
her parent; the Compact should be signed and returned
to the school.  Parents of elementary students are asked
to meet with their child's teacher to discuss and
sign the Compact.
Title 1 Schools are required to develop a Parent and
Family Engagement Plan.  Parents are asked to provide
input on this plan; parent involvement is crucial for its
development.  Our 2021-2022 Parent and Family
Engagement Plan has been approved and parents may
view it by clicking on the link below or at the
Title 1 Parent Involvement station located in the
school's front office.
Parents of students in Title 1 schools are entitled to
information on their child's achievement level which is
determined on assessments such as EOC and Florida
Standards Assessments.  Information will also be provided
to parents regarding the qualifications of teachers; parents
are to be informed if their children are being taught by a
non-highly qualified teacher for four or more consecutive weeks.
Your support is appreciated and is crucial for the success of
our school.  Please do not hesitate to contact the school if
you have any questions.