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Calvin Students at USF Leadership Summit

Thursday, March 9, 2023, high school students, Martez Cook, Marcus Mincy, and Michael Laforce attended the University of South Florida in St. Petersburg to hone their leadership and advocacy skills.

The Student Leadership Summit "Generation Lead" activities included a Lego competition, a scavenger hunt, a tour of the campus and the development of a plan to share what they learned with their school community.

Superintendent Kevin Hendrick was there to kick off the summit. District leaders were on hand to listen and learn from the students, who provided feedback on various topics, such as communicating with teachers, access to adult mentors on campus, anti-bullying advice, and suggestions for additional school enrichment opportunities.

The goal of the Student Leadership Summit is to bring together diverse groups of students, so they can develop leadership skills. The students will share these newly developed skills in order to help make their school a place of collaboration and success.  We look forward to Marcus, Michael and Martez sharing those skills they learned with the students at Calvin Hunsinger.