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Austin Weaver - Athlete of the Week

Austin Weaver Austin Weaver is one of the athletes of the week at Gibbs High School. This past week he broke a school record that lasted eight years and he also won a city title by placing third. His greatest accomplishments were freshmen year when he won district championships by placing top ten and now getting third place for the city title. He’s been running competitively for three years. His favorite subject is science. The reason science is his favorite subject is because he thinks it's interesting to know why the laws of physics are the way they are. After high school he wants to get into business, sports management, and pro running. He wants to attend Webber International University. He likes Webber because it is mainly a business school as well as a place where he can develop himself as a runner until he goes pro. The collegiate division there is NAIA, similar to a Division One school.