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They just might be your boss one day! We need your help to get them ready!

by Charla Pinnow | Tuesday, February, 5, 2019


Enterprise Village  and Finance Park 
provide a unique opportunity for 
community outreach, team building and 
volunteer service.



Enterprise Village teaches  fifth-graders  about the free enterprise system, what it takes to run a business and a community, how to write checks and make wise consumer choices. During their visit, students actually “work” a designated job, get “paid” for their work and on their breaks, become the consumers.

Finance Park is for eighth-graders and teaches students about personal finance. Each student is given a simulated life situation. They then must determine their net monthly income, prepare a budget, make financial decisions that we all face every day. They then must pay all of their bills and balance their checkbooks by the end of the day.

If you or your business team would like more information on volunteering or if you are able to help advertise our volunteer need,  please contact Karen Brighton at 727-588-3746 ext 2257 or e-mail to