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Covid Protocols

Bay Vista Covid Protocols

Pinellas County School has adopted written protocols to address COVID-related issues in the schools for the upcoming semester.  Our protocols at Bay Vista adopt those rules released by the Florida Department of Health last week. Bay Vista is committed to providing high-quality instruction and enrichment opportunities for all students, while also maintaining wellness protocols for students and staff.

Below are a few of the mitigating measures in place at BVF:

  • Strongly recommending that face coverings be worn when indoors by staff, students and visitors/volunteers and by continuing to have them available for students, staff and visitors.
  • Maintaining enhanced district mitigation practices for COVID-19 regarding: air filtration, cleaning and disinfecting within each building.
  • Ensuring a high focus on personal wellness practices for students and staff such as hand washing and only attending school/work when feeling well. Hand sanitizer and classroom disinfectant supplies will be available in every classroom.
  • Continuing to keep all water fountain closed.
  • Full-time school nurse
  • In accordance with government-issued guidance regarding public health, maintaining a separate space at for individuals exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19. Students sent home through the isolation room will be allowed to return to school using the protocols outlined by the Florida Department of Health Rule 64DER21-12 .

Updating the district dashboard of confirmed COVID-19 cases each school day. The district dashboard can be accessed by going to Covid Cases