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Food and Nutrition Update

The new program will begin on November 2nd and will allow all students to receive free lunch from school. You can certainly still bring your own lunch if you like, but with all the great healthy options at your school cafeteria you might change your mind.

School Lunch is still provided at no cost to students, but in the past second lunches have been provided at no cost as well. Starting next week students can still get a second lunch if they choose, but will have to pay for the second lunch. Also remind your child that lunch is the entire meal, which includes a drink. If they want only individual items like a milk only, they will need to pay for that since a la cart items are not included in the no cost lunch program. As always if you have any questions or concerns please give us a call at the school (727)893-2630. Thank you for partnering with us, and the food services department to continue to provide healthy food options for your child daily.


Food Distribution

Every Friday school lunches for the following 5 day school week will be distributed in the car circle from 9:00AM - 9:45AM for students enrolled in the myPCS program, that would like to participate in the school lunch program at Gulf Beaches. The normal distribution day will be Friday unless there is no school on a certain Friday, and we will communicate that change in day, ahead of time. The lunches will be prepackaged, and we will continue to practice social distancing procedures as we disperse the lunches.

Healthy Snacks On The Menu

Free App Available from to view the nutrient content of meals served. 
Gulf Beaches Elementary Magnet School will require that all foods and beverages sold, served, and offered during the school day, and the extended school day, meet Smart Snack's guidelines.