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Graduation FAQs




  1. Can my child attend Summer Bridge and finish up then?

YES! All students who finish during Summer Bridge will be considered an “on time” graduate and will be invited to participate in the County Graduation Ceremony which is held in September.


  1. Can my child return to PGCA for an additional school year?

Student requests for additional semesters will be made on a case by case basis.  Students generally are required to finish at the adult education center closest to the student’s zoned high school.


  1. What options are available in adult education?

Option 1:  A student may continue the 18-credit diploma program by enrolling through Clearwater Adult Education.  The main number is 727-469-4190.

Option 2: A student may choose to enroll in an Adult Education Program for the GED.


  1. Can my child still participate in the graduation ceremony if he/she has not completed all requirements?

NO, the student may not participate.



  1. Can my child participate in his/her zoned school graduation ceremony?

It is the parents’ responsibility to contact the school and request participation.



  1. What other opportunities are available for my child to complete graduation requirements in time for the May ceremony?


If testing requirements need to be met:

READING: Feb 26th -FSA ELA begins, March 3rd -FSA Reading and Writing re-takes, May 15th- ALL FSA ELA begins

ACT testing is Feb 25th  - students must register online.

SAT testing is March 25th-students must register online.

EOC Exams- Begins May 4th.

PERT testing- Feb 13th, March 12th.


If coursework requirements need to be met:


Attendance Monday through Friday could extend beyond assigned session. 

Example:  A senior student who normally leaves at 1:37 may stay longer up to 3:00 p.m for ELP (extended learning period). Students may also work on their coursework at home on weekends and during non-school hours.


  1. If my child completes the coursework but does not pass the required tests, will he/she get a certificate of completion?
  1. PGCA only issues diplomas. Students are encouraged to retake the tests and earn the high school diploma. 


  1. How can I track my child’s progress?

As presented during orientation, parents are highly encouraged to log onto your child’s Apex account and view status of coursework.  Parents may also contact the school to schedule teacher conferences.  Students are provided a copy of every course completion and should be bringing them home for parental review.