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Summer Learning Opportunities

Dear Families and Educators,

Learning and growing don’t stop over the summer! This summer you can help your student accelerate their learning by reading books they love on myON.

With myON, readers can find amazing, authentic books to read anytime and anywhere they have an internet connection. They can download books to read offline using the free mobile app.  

Click on the links below to access summer resources and summer reading challenges. All links are best viewed on your Google Chrome browser. View all documents on the Read on myON website:

Here are 5  fun things you can do to promote reading with your students this summer:

  • Talk it up: Talk about what you are reading and ask your student to share what they are reading.
  • Read aloud: No matter how old your student is, all readers benefit from reading aloud.
  • Read together: Find books that are fun for the whole family and make reading a social activity
  • Read what they love: Let your student find books about topics that interest them.
  • Make a reading schedule: Set time for reading every day and stick with it.

Most importantly, take time to check out your student’s reading progress and celebrate their progress. When you logged into myON simply click on your student’s name in the dashboard and look for the progress button.

myON can help keep your family motivated and reading. View this video to learn more about myON

Find additional resources by visiting the read on myON website for Pinellas County