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Movie Review: Rogue One

Movie Review: Star Wars Rogue One


JHT Movie Critic 

 Spoiler Alert!

   Where to start with this one? Rogue One, the latest movie in the Star Wars series, was nowhere near what I was expecting. It was dark.

    Now most Star Wars movies could be considered “dark” because something bad happens in them, but it’s usually balanced out with some hope. But this is dark in a different way. Very dark.

    Most of the characters died by the end of this movie. In fact, I think all of them did. I loved the idea of it but they put too much into the ending. If too many things happen at the end of any movie, it throws everything off balance. If the ending is too heavy and the rest of it is too light, it ruins the movie.

    There were a few light moments in the movie like when everyone came together to fight. I also liked the jokes they slipped in and the cameos that came with them. One of my favorite comic releases was the robot, K2SO. He had a darker sense of humor but it was enough to make a dark movie seem a little fun, and the occasional funny moment can’t hurt.

    If I had to pick the best part of the movie, it was probably when the blind man, Chirrut Imwe, convinced his partner, Baze Malbus, to help the rebels stop the empire by sending the map. Both were wise and powerful men who fully believed in the force and used it to fight for what they believed was right. They saved Jyn and Cassium at the beginning when they were being arrested by the empire. If they weren’t there then the entire movie wouldn’t have happened. They were, in my opinion, the most important characters in the movie.

    As someone who loves darker movies and stories, even I know when it’s too much. If all you can offer is a really depressing movie with very few jokes and only one uplifting moment, it’s not enough to keep people coming. Rogue One  had so much potential as a Star Wars movie but it misses the mark too much. I think it’s safe to say that if they had slowed down the movie a bit and taken out a couple of deaths it may have been really good.

    I give Rogue One a 7/10.