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Paradise lost


JHT Staff Writer


    If you think Florida is paradise for families, you might have a change of mind after the release of a new survey.

    WalletHub, which conducts studies on personal finance, has released a study that shows Florida is the 12th worst state to raise children, with its many retirees and its high divorce rate.

     Florida has the second-highest divorce rate in the country, contributing to the survey’s findings. Also, since there are so many retirees in Florida, the state has the fewest number of families with children than any other.

     When judging whether a state is good for raising children, the survey took into account infant mortality, unemployment, poverty, two parent households, childcare costs, violent crime, and housing affordability. In these categories, Florida ranked 27th in infant mortality rate, 29th  in the unemployment rate, 34th in families living in poverty, 37th of two-parent households, 40th in violent crime rates, 42nd in housing affordability, and 45th in the cost of childcare.

     But in the end, this is only a survey, and doesn’t take into account the views of the children who actually grow up here.