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Morean Arts Displays J.Hop Student Artwork

By Kaylee Pedigo
JHT Staffwriter

     The saying goes that, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” But sometimes, having an artist explain their work themselves can be just as special. The Word and Image Middle Schools Exhibition at the Morean Arts Center will display the artwork of twelve J.Hop students inspired by the theme “On My Block”.

     The annual exhibit picks multimedia submissions that combine a piece of art and a personal narrative. The students whose work will be on display are Jada Calhoun, Elise Tuttle, Lagaia Christopher, Alina Phetsadasack, Trent Barber, Zakhar Sennikov, Savannah Nasworthy, Aimee Olsen, Madyson Mauk, Tobi Tinnaro, Sophia Weaver, and Jaden Green.

     The exhibition takes place March 3 through April 9 at the Morean Arts Center. An awards ceremony is going to be held Saturday, March 25 from 3-4:30 PM.