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5/14 Message to Parents

Good Evening Forest Lakes Families,


I hope you are safe and well during these unprecedented times.


The digital learning process seems to be going smoother with each passing week.  This week, teachers have been packing up student materials.  Beginning next Tuesday, May 19th we will distribute student materials to parents. 



Pick-Up/Distribution Day


Tuesday, May 19th

9:00-11:00- KDG, Dickman, Smith, Klaustermeier/Billek

12:00-2:00- 1st grade Duffy, Sharpfish


Wednesday, May 20th

9:00-11:00- 2nd  Grade & Kiesel, Krishart

12:00-2:00- 4th  Grade


Thursday, May 21st

9:00-11:00- 3rd Grade

2:00-3:00- 5th  Grade



The student material distribution process will look very similar to the technology distribution we conducted at the onset of digital learning. However, instead of the bus ramp, I am asking parents to please use the car circle for student material pick up.  On distribution days, parents will drive through the car circle and the classroom teachers will place the student items onto a table next to the car for parents to collect.  Staff has been directed to follow CDC social distancing guidelines and wear personal protective equipment during our “touch free” student material distribution process. 


Any items not picked up will be kept in the office and parents will be called to pick up the materials on an alternate date, determined by the school.  Students will return all materials that are property of the school (including library books, text books and 5th grade patrol belts).  We will not be collecting technology (school lap tops, iPads, etc… at this time. Spring school pictures will be sent to student homes directly from Leonard’s photography.


I am asking that parents have their student’s name, teacher name, and grade level written on a piece of paper to show to the staff in the car circle. 


I am asking parents to make every effort to collect their child’s materials. I encourage you to send a family representative (grandparent, aunt, uncle, family friend, etc…)if you are unable to make the scheduled time listed below. 


Mr. McHugh

Principal, Forest Lakes Elementary