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Sexton Stingrays Positive Behavior Reward


Positive Recognition

Many times, our most challenging students get the most tangible rewards because we are rooting for them to make good choices and offering incentives to behave.  In an effort to recognize those students who consistently make good choices, we are instituting our Positive Behavior Incentive System.  N.U.T.


No Uniform Today!  How does this work?


Each day students have the potential to earn 5 Dojo Points.  Using our core values and our Guidelines for Success, we created this positive recognition for our students.


Students can earn a point each day for the following:

  1. Arrive on Time (This means students must be in class prior to the last bell)
  2. In Uniform (Correct bottom & top)
  3. Classroom Behavior (Student was successful following classroom management plan)
  4. Special’s Behavior (Student was successful in specials following the management plan)
  5. Agenda signed by parent


Points are cumulative.  Once a student has earned 25 points, they may use their coupon on Friday to come in their non-uniform, dress code appropriate shirt.  Students must present a signed coupon to the teacher Friday morning.


N.U.T. is a program instituted by the Administration of John M. Sexton and can be revoked at any time.