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Did you know our students are computer programming?

Did you know that all our students, kindergarten through 5th grade, are computer programming?  That is right!  At MBES we have written over 30,000 of code on website. You can also access this at home:

Accessing coding program for K-2

Please go to our Destiny homepage at (this site can also be accessed from our MBES website under Media Center Resources)

Search for McMullen Booth Elementary School

When open, scroll to students Grade level under level, then click on their teacher

The class roster will appear.  Click on student’s last name and then their “secret picture”, most students know their picture by now.  If not, please email me and I will send you a copy

Click sign in

Green bubbles have been completed, to begin where the student left off, click on the next bubble.  


3rd to 5th grades:

username email: 
Password:  Their chosen password
Click on VIEW COURSE  and continue  

Coming soon...

We will be programming our Ozobot Robots!