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MYPCS Computers

If your student has signed up for MYPCS and is in need of a computer and/or WIFI Hotspot, please call the school as soon as possible so you can be put on our list of requests.  Please make sure you give the office staff the students name and their username (R2.D2) number.  Make sure you know their login credentials (R2.D2).  Call: (727) 669-1800

Computer distribution will now be done by request only. When picking up the computer, go to the front office and you will need a driver’s license or photo government ID.  You will be signing a release form for the computer that binds you to the responsibility for care and monetary value of the items signed out.  

Remember, these computers are for MYPCS students ONLY.  


Repairs for computers will be done on a first come basis.  If you are experiencing issues with your school computer, please bring it to the school office and mark it with your students name, R2.D2, password, issue you are experiencing, and YOUR email address so we can contact you when it is ready for pickup.  Repairs normally take 1 day.