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Back to School with Art and Music

Dear Wonderful Ozona Families!

Your Art and Music teachers would like to give you a little info about Art and Music.

We are doing everything we can to make our classes accessible to all of the students both at home and in school. We are loading our assignments to the Canvas pages that we have created for each of your classes so that all the students have access to all the assignments so that they can do them for us. We are also going over how to access Canvas in our classes.

In Art, the lessons are designed to be a two-week process and the students are required to upload a finished product for grading.

In Music, we are using mostly Nearpod designed lessons and we are making the student-paced version of them available to all students (virtual and face to face) so that students can access the lessons and activities both at home and in school. Most Nearpod lessons have activities, games, lessons and/or quizzes that will feature a Submit or Done button that must be clicked to finish the assignments. The face to face students have been completing the Nearpods in class with Ms. Folstad but are welcome to access the lessons again at home to do the more interactive parts that are computer-based. All Online students need to complete the Nearpods and submit to receive credit.  There is also an Ozona Interactive Music Room and several fun online music links on the Resources Page of the Music Canvas pages that is there for students to play on and enjoy.

We are putting our grades in Canvas right now so students and parents will be able to keep up with assignments that are done and those that need to be finished.  If you have any further questions, please let us know.


Tammy Folstad

Elizabeth Keller

Haleh Pinney

Dr. Mary Lou Keyloun Cruz