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Winter Challenge Bingo!

Hello Families!

It’s challenge time again. 

Students will have the opportunity to complete a Winter Challenge Bingo page as well as take part in a MyOn book challenge.

Students who participate in the Winter Challenge and turn it into their teacher by Thursday, Jan. 7th will receive a popsicle party.  Each student who participates will also get 5 Ozzie tickets to enter into the Ozzie monthly drawing for a chance to win a big prize! 

We will have 2 weeks off and hope the learning and activities continue at home.  We look forward to starting this second half of the year off with many popsicle winners!

Bingo Winter Holiday Challenge Grade Pre-K

Bingo WINTER BREAK Challenge Grades K and 1

Bingo WINTER BREAK Challenge Grades 2and 3

Bingo WINTER BREAK Challenge Grades 4 and 5