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School Safety Updates (click here)

As a result of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act, a number of safety measures have been put into place in Pinellas County Schools. All schools are implementing changes in order to ensure the safety of our children while they are attending school.

Please be aware of the following for Ozona Elementary School:


* Parents will only be allowed to walk scholars to class for the first three days of school, August 13-August 15th. After that time, students will be required to walk to class without parents. There will be staff on hand to help your scholar get to his/her class safely.

* At this time, and subject to change, Ozona Elementary will be allowing parents to eat lunch with their students on Monday-Friday in the Ozona Oasis. Please note this is an outdoor area, therefore, plan for weather and other outdoor conditions. We encourage parents to take this opportunity to spend special time with your child at school. Parents who want to participate will be required to present identification and sign in the front office through our Badge Pass system. The process of signing your child in and out will remain. Front office staff will have your child meet you in the office.

* Parents may not join students in the café for breakfast unless it is a planned event.

* Visitors who do not have a JLA (Jessica Lunsford Act) Level 2 clearance must be escorted by school personnel at all times while on campus. This will also include parent teacher conferences. When you have a scheduled parent conference, the teacher will meet you in the office and escort you to the classroom or to a school conference room.

* Volunteers will need Level 2 clearance.

* OES is staffed with a School Security Officer. The SSO is on campus for protection. Please do not ask her/him to discipline your child or any other child.

* Law enforcement conducted a safety assessment of our campus this summer.

* Teachers will lock their classroom doors whenever students are on campus.

* All schools will conduct “Active Assailant” and “Fire” drills once a month under the facilitation of local law enforcement agencies.

This increase in security will cause some changes that may not be popular or convenient. We thank you for your honoring our procedures and processes, our first and most important priority is to keep your children safe. Please visit to keep updated on the many aspects (including changes) in school safety policy and procedures.

The Ozona staff looks forward to meeting you at Meet the Teacher and greeting all of our scholars on the first day of school, on time and ready to learn, on Monday, August 13th.