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September Counselor's Corner

September Counselor's Corner:

Hello Parents!

Building a connection with your child can open the door for communication about their feelings, which can lead to more understanding for both of you.  When a connection is made, it will be easier to establish/maintain positive relations, set clear limits and enforce consequences.  Every child and parent wants and responds to connection in different ways.  It’s important to find what works best for your family.  Are you looking for ways to connect with your child?  Here are a few suggestions:

-Schedule a regular time to hang out (play a game, read a book, eat together)

-Come up with a special greeting (handshake, song, using certain words, fist bump)

-Play in their world (use their toys, play their favorite games, be silly with them)

-Ask them questions and just listen to their answers

-Acknowledge their feelings/thoughts 

-Ask your child for an idea of what they would find meaningful for you to do together


Nicola Repetosky

School Counselor