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End of the Year Car Parade!

Ozona Elementary End of the Year Car Parade!

On Friday, May 29th we will be hosting an end of the year car parade through local neighborhoods! You will see teachers and staff waving and wishing you a fun filled summer! Please see parade route below. We will leave Ozona Elementary at 12:30 PM. Be ready to cheer while practicing social distancing. We can’t wait to see you!!

From school, head down Tampa Rd. Make a left on Orange Street.  Right on Shore Dr and follow it around back to Orange.  Take that down to Pennsylvania Ave and make a right.  Take Pennsylvania past the school and  make a left on 8th Street all the way down and make a right onto Missouri Ave.  Go to Alt 19 and make a left.  Travel down Alt. 19 to Crystal Beach Ave.  Head down the road to Mayo St. by the water and make a right.  Travel down Mayo St. and make a right on Ohio Ave and then another right on Henry Ln.  Take that back to Crystal Beach Ave and head back towards Nebraska Ave.   Make a left on Nebraska and take that straight to 15th St.  Make a right onto 15th St and Travel down to Virginia Ave (Allen's Ridge's side entrance).  Take Virginia to Allen's Ridge Dr E. and make a right.  Follow Allen's Ridge Dr to the exit of the neighborhood and make a right on Tampa Rd but get immediately in the left hand lane to enter the Hammock's Community on Hammock Dr.  Take Hammock Dr down to the first Westford Circle.  Follow loop around and end up back on Hammock Dr again.  Make a left onto Foxboro Dr.  Follow that around where it turns into Noell Blvd. and make a left.  Follow Noell Blvd to CR1.  Make a right on CR1 and get into the left lane to make a right onto Tampa Rd.  Follow Tampa Rd down back to the school.