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USF Student Leadership Summit

Four student leaders from PPE  participated in fun leadership activities that required them to LISTEN, LEARN, and LEAD!

During the "Listen" session, students had the task of building the tallest Lego tower and creating the most Lego figurines to balance on top of the tower.  The students had to be exceptional listeners to hear the descriptions of how to create each unique figurine!  We ended the challenge by creating a tower that was 16.25 inches tall and created 2 of the 5 figurines (we were SO close to finishing the third figurine when time was called)!

Students moved on to the LEAD session! During this session, the students thought about changes they want to see made in their school. They thought about changes in the cafeteria, playgrounds, free time, and the overall appeal of the campus.  The student leaders then created a plan to facilitate a session at PPE with their piers to gather opinions about the topics discussed. 

The LEARN session was the best of all! They got to explore the USFSP campus as they participated in a scavenger hunt! The team had to  find different places on campus, like the library, technology building, sailing center, bookstore, and even dorm rooms! They loved being able to check out the cool dorms that USF has!

This was a very memorable experience for these PPE student leaders.  I am excited for them to bring the leadership skills they learned into our own school!