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Counselor's Corner

Counselor's Corner

Welcome back Jaguar families! We are excited to start another great year at 74th Street Elementary School. Teachers will celebrate character words monthly by choosing two students from each class to receive a certificate and have their name on the news for a shout out. The character word for September is Citizenship. Citizenship is being law abiding and involved in service to school, community and country.


Be sure to ask your child how they can earn Jaguar Paws or Dojo Points! Every week students have the opportunity to shop at our school store with their Jaguar Paws or Dojo Points. At the end of each month the school will hold a special paws event that students can use Dojo points or Jaguar Paws to participate in. These are special events and should be celebrated by students who are following our Guidelines For Success:


                                          P-Positive attitude

                                          A-Always do your best

                                          W-Work hard

                                          S-Safe School and Success


In every school and in every community, there are young people who suffer silently because they feel left out, alone or invisible. Social isolation is a growing epidemic in the United States and within our schools. The week of September 20th we will be celebrating Start with Hello, an initiative started by the Sandy Hook Project. Participate in our Green Out on Wednesday, Sept 22. Show your support for Start With Hello by wearing green and sharing a picture on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #StartWithHelloWeek.


Bullying is something we take very seriously at 74th Street Elementary. Bullying is something that is a repeated behavior, is done to be mean and hurtful and/or harmful. If you feel your student is being bullied please speak to an adult at the school immediately and/or you can file a bully report online at There is a link on Focus under the parent section as well. Our school has an investigative team who will take care of the situation, with follow up to all parties involved.