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SAE Updates

Monday, March 30, 2020

Good Evening Shore Acres.

Our first day of virtual learning has ended. We have about 70% of our students logging on to Teams to work on lessons, meet with teacher or simply navigate the site. Thank you. Here are helpful hints from our phone calls today.

Go to Shore Acres homepage and click on Digital Learning – Class in Session – it is the first thing that pops up. Here are district resources for help using Team on the IPAD, directions for logging on and other digital resources.

Reaching out to teachers is the first thing you should do if you have a question. You can do this through Teams or email. Every teacher’s Team page is unique to them and the office staff answering the phone will direct you to them when you call.

There were some performance issues with Microsoft today that slowed things down a bit. Thank you for your patience. If you called about a computer it can take up to 12 hours to hear back from the district to set up a time for you to get one.

We are working on ensuring that 100% of Shore Acres students are online. Don’t hesitate to call the school for help.


Friday, March 27, 2020


Good Evening Families

This is Mrs. Sulte- Happy Friday

Monday is the first official day of Shore Acres Digital Learning. We are very excited about this new endeavor and will use the first week to work out the kinks. Please communicate with your child’s teacher how this new way of work  is going so they can adjust if need be. Students do need to log in daily and take attendance on the Team site. This can happen any time of the day or week.   

For Example, if your child doesn’t log in on Monday when they log in on Tuesday have them do the attendance for Monday and Tuesday. Chances are they are doing the work for both days then.


A question that has popped up- Will the virtual school hours count as regular school hours or will we have to make them up once we return to school. The answer is they do count. The goal of the state is to have this school year end when it is supposed to. So, your child needs to be part of the virtual learning. This is always subject to change and we will update you.

All calls to the office will be answered from 8:30-3:30. These calls are being forwarded and we ask that you adhere to these times. Emailing your teacher or other staff member are encouraged to get your questions answered.

Enjoy the weekend outdoors.

All updates will be posted to our website and PTA Facebook page.


Thursday, March 26, 2020

This is Mrs. Sulte- with our daily update.

All our devices are gone. If you need a device, please call the school 570-3173 and we will register you for a device for pick up at the Meadowlawn Service Center. The pick up for now is Friday and Monday.

We realize that some of you may still be having tech issues. You can call the school and we will try to assist you. The Tech Helpline is also available -588-6060. They know way more than us.  But please reach out so your child can log on to start classes on Monday.

Once school starts teachers will be taking daily attendance. Please log on daily for lessons and assignments. Our Child Study Team will be tracking attendance each week and calling to offer our assistance with our new way of work.

Our third report card will be posted on Focus April 6. You can use your child’s log in information to view their report card. Congratulations on all their hard work and effort.

All calls to the office will be answered from 8:30-3:30. These calls are being forwarded and we ask that you adhere to these times. Emailing your teacher or other staff member are encouraged to get your questions answered.


All updates will be posted to our website and PTA Facebook page.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Happy Wednesday Parents

Many of you have picked up computers to start online learning next week.

If you are still in need of a computer, stop by the office tomorrow from 8:30-9:30 and we will hand one out to you or get one for you.

A few things about online learning:

              Kids need to log onto Clever

              Click on Microsoft Teams.  When you log in to Teams you use the as the username

              Here is where you will find the teams your child is a member of:  Classroom , PE, Music, Art

We are asking that all kids log onto their classroom teachers site by Noon on Thursday.

 Please remind your older child that this isn’t SnapChat.

If your child receives ESE services they will become members of the ESE site by April 6. These teachers will be supporting the learning within the gen ed teacher’s classroom next week.


We are starting this new normal slowly. Lessons posted can be done at any time.


Shore Acres is about 60% deep cleaned and will be working remotely starting on Monday.

Stay safe and we will update you tomorrow.


 Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Good evening Families

This is Mrs. Sulte- with our daily update.

We passed out many devices today and will continue to pass them out to our Free and Reduced lunch students tomorrow from 9:00-10:30. This is a change. Device checkout for all remaining students will be tomorrow starting at 10:30-12:00. If devices remain we will update  Wednesday.

Please check our website to learn about what students should be doing on their laptops this week. It is an enrichment week.

By Thursday  all students with computer access need to log onto Clever then Microsoft Teams to view the teams they are members of. Their homeroom teacher has sent a welcome message and asked them to  respond that they have been able to log on via their Team. This is where all instruction will occur. They will also be members of Art, Music and PE and get lessons each week from those teachers.  They will use their R2D2 number and password to access BUT  you  may have to add to that number as their user name. Try both.

As we enter the first week of digital learning our goal is to ensure that our students can log on and are logging on to complete posted assignments. Teachers will work with teams to continue to develop schedules and lessons.

All updates will be posted to our website and PTA Facebook page


Monday, March 23, 2020

Hello Shore Acres School families. This is Mrs. Sulte.  I know this is a time of uncertainty for

many of us as we continue to support our families and one another. As we make the transition to digital

learning, I want each of you to know that the safety and learning of your child is of the utmost importance.

While our school building may be closed, learning will continue.

Over the next week I encourage you to engage in the academic enrichment activities available through our

school website as our teachers prepare for their class specific lessons that will begin on March 30th.

I also want to make sure you know that our school will be distributing digital devices for students and families

that do not have access to a computer, iPad, tablet or smartphone. Any existing device that can access Clever

and the Internet will work. If you already have such a device, visit our webpage for next steps.