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Virtual Family Updates


Hello Virtual Families

It’s been three days and we hope that with each day SOMETHING is getting easier.

We wanted to share that we are so thankful for your help with the virtual learning. We know it isn’t easy.



Here are a few reminders and helpful hints:


School starts at 7:35 every day. Be online and ready by 7:25 with materials.  This is our first bell at school. It is important that students take this time seriously. Having a quiet place for the learning to happen free from pets and siblings is a must.


Have breakfast prior to the start of our school day.


Headphones need to be on during lessons- Keeps us from hearing other sibling’s lessons.


If your child is absent call the school or email the teacher. Same goes for tardy or leaving early.  You can upload your notes on the Shore Acres Attendance email on the website or to the teacher.


Login in issues- Please contact the teacher first- If you are emailing give it a few hours


Split families – if you have another person/parent guardian to add to list for BCC emails, what is the name of the child and the email to be added. Send this to the teacher


If there are issues with a Specialist schedule- please email that teacher


Kids ARE NOT to message through Teams – they use CANVAS or raise their hand


Please continue to communicate with teachers and allow your child to get proficient on using the technology. They will surprise us.


Virtual Open House is Wednesday 9/2 6:30-7:30. Teachers will communicate how  and where to log on.








Hello Virtual Families,

Take a breath. Expect that the first day won't go smoothly and we will give each other grace. It's our word of the year. 

Device Pick Up

If you told us you needed a device we have developed a scattered schedule for pick up. You can send an adult to come get the device if you are unable to.

Families will enter into the bus circle and park. Walk into the cafeteria with your mask. We have already configured the device so all you will need to do is sign a few papers and take the computer.  It is that simple.

Curriculum Materials Pick Up

All virtual teachers have put together a packet of materials that will make virtual learning easier. To get these materials go through the car line with your child’s name and grade displayed so that we can easily see it. Teachers will hand you the materials and you can be on your way.


What if I have multiple children?

For those families with multiple children, please come at the earliest time on the schedule.

What if I can’t make it?

Send a friend, relative 18 yrs. or older to come and get the materials.

Schedule: Friday August 21st

Kindergarten and first grade 11:30-12:15

2nd grade 12:15-1:00

3rd grade 1:00-1:45

4th grade 1:45-2:30

5th grade 2:30-3:15

If you are just now realizing that you need a device, call the school to let us know and we will do our best to secure the device for Friday pick up. We can’t guarantee we will have one for you then.

All welcome and supply lists are posted under resources on our website.

Teachers will be sending a link to your email to log on for Meet the Teacher.