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Brick and Mortar Updates

Hello Brick and Mortar Families,

We have three days down and with each day processes and procedures are learned and practiced.

We wanted to update you on a few things.

Thank you for ensuring your child has a mask each day. If they forget, no worries we have many to share.

The car line is going quite smoothly. For the remainder of this week and next we will continue to use the following times:

              Pre- K- 1:30

              K and 2nd 1:35

              1st and 4th – 1:40

              3rd and 5th- 1:45

              Multiple sibling come at the latest time.

Please arrive not earlier than the time listed- This makes the car line more efficient.


We continue to serve breakfast each morning in the cafeteria from 7:05- 7:25 for our walkers, bikers and car riders. Please join us.


I’ve had a few emails about mask wearing at PE. Children are learning the PE routine and what it means to be socially distance without a mask. They are being asked to wear the mask this week as they learn the processes and procedures. This will not be the norm.

Water Bottles

Thank you for making sure that your child has a water bottle each day.

Virtual Open House-

Teachers will reach out to you with how to log on- 9/2 6:30-7:30.

Thank you.