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Third Grade

o   4 -colored composition books, one of each in the following colors:  red, yellow, green and blue

o   1-large pencil pouch or pencil box

o   1 package of black dry erase markers

o   1 Spiral notebook

o   2-packages of #2 pencils (Ticonderoga)

o   1-package of highlighters

o   2-package of sticky notes

o   2-package of WIDE ruled loose-leaf notebook paper

o   1 set of headphones (to be left at school; please, no earbuds)

o   1 package of glue sticks

o   1 package of crayons

o   1 package eraser caps

o   1 large personal eraser

Classroom Wish List

·       disinfectant wipes

·       hand sanitizer

·       snacks (healthy options)

·       Ziplock bags- all sizes

·       Tissues

·       Reusable water bottle (to leave in class)