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NEW: PCS in Your Neighborhood Event

PCS in Your Neighborhood Event


Hello to all the 5th grade families that are zoned for Carwise Middle School.  This is Mr. Eiben, the school principal, reaching out with information about an upcoming event.  This event is called PCS in Your Neighborhood.  It is designed for those families that are “on the fence” regarding which middle school they will pick for next school year.  This event will allow you to come see what your zoned school has to offer.  Again, this is just for families that are undecided.  For those that already know about Carwise Middle and know that your child will attend here, we will have the 5th Grade EXPO night in March, so there is no need to attend this event.


For those that want more information about Carwise Middle, the PCS in Your Neighborhood event will be held on Tuesday, November 30th from 10:00 to 11:00AM at Carwise Middle.  Please RSVP by Friday, November 26th using this link (click here) if you plan to attend.  This event is designed for parents, as it is during the school day.  However, if you want your child to attend, that is acceptable too.  Again, please RSVP if you will be attending this event.  Thank you and take care!