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Hello, Carwise Middle School families!


This is Mr. Eiben, your principal, reaching out with exciting news about our fundraiser kickoff!


We are SO excited to invite all of you to participate in our Step It UP! Program!


We are asking for your help to raise money for the Shark Bite Reward Program, student and teacher incentives, and school supplies. 


Our next step is to ask each of you to take action by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT by clicking the link below.  It will take you to our school’s donation website, where you can set up your child’s personal donation page and invite your friends and family by email or text message to join in our efforts!


This entire process can be completed in TEN MINUTES OR LESS.  Please enter at least TEN OR MORE email addresses or cell phone numbers of your friends and family via your personal donation page, and your child will automatically qualify for Golden Ticket Prizes that we will start handing out TOMORROW! Please make sure you complete this process by midnight tonight to qualify for prizes tomorrow.


Don’t forget to share your personal donation link on social media as well.  The more money we raise, the more impact we can make at CARWISE MIDDLE SCHOOL.


Our school is very excited to celebrate our students and their hard work at our Day of Awesomeness! Check out this link to see what this EPIC event is all about:  Day of Awesomeness Video.



Every donation, big or small, will help our school.  Please help us reach our goal of 100% participation, so that we can continue to fund and support our students’ bright and amazing futures!  Thank you!






Chad Eiben




PS:  Attached is the Golden Ticket Parent Letter that was sent home with your student today, which contains all the information. 





Questions about how to complete your Golden Ticket?  Click here: How To Link.


Have confidence that the data entered in the donation platform is safe and secure. Privacy Policy.


Fundraiser Golden Ticket