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Laptop Distribution

Starting 1/5/22, all students who do not have a laptop checked out, will have a laptop assigned to them through their 7th period teacher.  These students will pick up their laptop from their 7th period teacher every morning starting at the 9:33am and they will turn it back in to their 7th period teacher at the end of the day.  Teachers use the laptops in daily instruction.  

Our goal is to make sure that 100% of our students have a laptop this school year. In order for your student to receive a laptop, your student must have completed the Laptop Responsibility Form 2-3184.pdf . Please print the form, fill it out, have your student show it to their first period teacher, and take it to Mrs. Rossell our Technology Specialist. Parents: please do not send duplicates, as this slows down the process.

To our families who have checked out a laptop, please make sure your student brings their laptop fully charged to school every day.